Services Akron Ex-Im is familiar with the end users needs for sourcing of items, competitive pricing, terms, prompt delivery and transportation details.  We can be your “office” in the United States.
Akron Export - Import
Commitment to Service  Akron Ex-Im knows what it takes to run a successful company and the dedication to hard work required that allows companies to run efficiently.  We pride ourselves on catering to all needs, no matter what the size or value.  We understand that an inexpensive part can cause just as big a problem as an expensive one.  Akron Ex-Im can offer the following services that make buying from Akron Ex-Im the best economical and quality decision your company can make.
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On site, staffed, shipping and receiving department.  Ensuring that what you ordered is what you’ll receive. Direct contact with the sales person.  No middleman or answering services One stop shopping.  Akron Ex-Im can provide pricing and service on practically everything at your plant. Freight consolidation.  We take many small shipments and convert them into one larger shipment which saves money on freight. No extra charge for small, partial, or rush shipments Familiar and compliant with all inspection and import regulations of every country. Single bank transactions.  We can provide one invoice no matter how many items or purchase orders you have. Expert advice.  We have over 75 plus years experience in exporting materials globally. Flexibility.  We can adapt our system to meet the needs and standards of your procedures Product forecasting.  We can work with you to budget finances for future projects